Archive SAP Retail Site and Business Partner

Archiving is a tedious task! And so infrequently done, who can remember the steps? I’ve carefully documented it here so that you and I never forget again!

The steps for archiving Site Business Partner also apply to plain old Business Partners and dependent objects. So now you’ve got that in your bag of tricks too!.

Archiving is a seldom-executed process in the course of implementing SAP Retail. And archiving of Site Master is even less likely to occur, unless as a necessary corrective for mistakenly created data. That’s a less-than-ideal occasion for dusting off old or never-practiced archiving skills.

Worry not! You’ll be prepared for success with this detailed guide to archiving Retail Site, Business Partner, and dependent objects.

Archiving Site, Site Business Partner, Site ERP Customer, and Site ERP Vendor is a necessarily mind-numbing and repetitious process, so increasingly little detail is provided as this document progresses.

Here’s a link to the PDF file with step-by-step instructions: Archiving Retail Site and Business Partner in S/4HANA

Special thanks to Clara Villalobo-Galindo – another Master Data Aficionado — who collaborated in crafting this guide.