Introducing MDA Workbench

This sweet application for SAP functional (and technical!) resources is the product of a decade of thought, development, and constant revision based on real-world project experience.

Until now,  MDA Workbench was shared only with a close circle of SAP Master Data practitioners, whom I affectionately refer to as fellow Master Data Aficionados.

While I wrote (and still write) the code, a friend and colleague named Gregory Baase contributed mightily. For years now, and still, Greg asks super-smart questions and makes totally unreasonable demands.

A consequential example: Huh? What’s that, Greg? You want MDA Workbench to actually create the LSMW object so that you don’t have to? Yeah, okay … right away.

Another consequential example: Huh? What’s that, Greg? Now you want MDA Workbench to multi-thread and validate Load-Ready data files with millions of records, perform tens of millions of field validations, and return results in just minutes? With pretty field-level error reporting output to Excel? Yeah, okay … right away.

The happy result is MDA Workbench, and now it’s your lucky day! Here’s the 98-second overview of what you can now download and use for free.