Master Data makes SAP Retail special

It’s a self-serving notion with the added benefit of being true!

Sure, it’s the unique business processes of Retail and Fashion Vertical Business that prompt these Industry solutions. But if you get the foundation wrong — if you fail to grasp what’s special about SAP Retail master data — then you can forget about effectively executing business processes.

Implementing and running SAP Retail requires experienced SAP Retail Master Data experts. That’s not snobbery. It’s a quest for competence worthy of all Master Data Aficionados.

Two key things:

  • An SAP Retail Article master is not a Material Master. It’s fundamentally more than a Material Master, and to your benefit.
  • An SAP Retail Site Master is not a Plant. It’s fundamentally more than a Plant, with operational differences that matter in Production environments.

Both of these combine with numerous Retail-specific reference master data — the master data that we use to create more master data! — to enable effective creation and maintenance of large volumes of master data. Think of the scale: number of Products times number of Locations. Billions is the typical unit of measure for describing the challenge in Retail and in Fashion Vertical Business environments.

So it’s right to conclude that it’s the Master Data that does indeed make SAP Retail special.

Setting the right master data foundation to serve Retail business processes is mission critical. Harnessing the unique nature of SAP Retail Master Data to your benefit is the key.

SAP Retail Merchandising Master Data


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