MDA Workbench End-to-End Example

Watch an end-to-end demonstration of using MDA Workbench to create a full set of data migration deliverables, including an LSMW object.

This 23-minute video is a good tour of the basic functionality of MDA Workbench.

  • MDA Option Setting.
  • Creating a new MDA Project.
  • Download the definition of an IDoc.
  • Selecting relevant IDoc Segments and Fields.
  • Setting primary key fields.
  • Download configuration and related master data from a target SAP system.
  • Maintain field-level Mapping Rules and Comments.
  • Maintain field-level Validation Tests.
  • Maintain sample data for unit testing.
  • In real time: validate sample data against SAP system-client-specific configuration and master data.
  • Export sample data as Load-Ready Files; to be used for unit test.
  • Publish: 1 click creates a kit of deliverables:
    1. Beautiful mapping workbook with details and sample data.
    2. LSMW Project file; ready to import into the target SAP system-client.
    3. Backup of Mapping Project.
    4. Backup of Sample Data as Load-Ready Files.
    5. SQL scripts to create database tables in a Staging Database.
  • Import LSMW Object into target SAP system-client.
  • Check and maintain LSMW settings.
  • Execute unit test of LSMW object.
  • Visually verify mass update results.